Ducthellas Industrial and Commercial SA is currently one of the biggest Greek companies operating in the fields of air conditioning and ventilation. It was founded in 1970 and ever since, it is operating under Mr. Kappas Nikolaos successful management.

Our company manufactures and installs air conditioning and ventilation systems, rectangular and circular air ducts and fittings, air grilles, volume dampers, sound attenuators, centrifugal fans, cable trays and other accessories which you can see in detail on the “PRODUCTS” page.

Our company Ducthellas Industrial and Commercial SA, in order to achieve its objectives, has followed a medium-long term business planning, with bold investment initiatives – such as the creation of our own factory facilities – which made us a unique company in the field of construction and installation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems in Greece.

The factory of Ducthellas Industrial and Commercial SA is located in the industrial area of Avlonas Athens and occupies an area of 6000 sq.m. (3500 sq.m. of covered and 2500 sq.m. of storage space).

factory outer
factory inner

Our company applies the U.S. standards smacna-logo

By conforming also with the European standards and by aiming particularly to the quality of the products and services that we offer, we implemented a quality assurance system in accordance with the following standards :

  • International Organization for StandardizationISO-logo
  • Hellenic Organization for Standardization (ELOT)elot-logo

The quality manual of Ducthellas Industrial and Commercial SA describes the operation of the company in accordance with the requirements of ISO and ELOT and it is available to our clients in case they need further information.


The last three years Ducthellas Industrial and Commercial SA has decided to follow the modern market of green growth and penetrated dynamically in the market field of renewable energy and particularly in the field of solar systems.

We are specialized in the areas of design and installation of photovoltaic systems.

We have already installed a photovoltaic power plant of 100KWp on the roof of our factory in the industrial area of Avlonas Athens as well as two proprietary photovolatic systems (total power of 200KWp) on the industrial roofs of two other buildings that our company owns.