Our factory is equipped with cutting and rollforming machines of latest technology. This equipment provides unlimited possibilities for handling and forming galvanized metal coils to any duct shape and dimension so we could meet the demands of every customer, while the final result is guaranteed to be of high quality and stability.

The capacity of our factory is 5000 – 6000 kg of rectangular and circular air ducts daily ( eight hour workday).

Since the equipment of our factory is fully automated the cutting and rollforming procedure of the air ducts is very quick and accurate ( simultaneous product line for two types of connection [frame and drawer]).


Each project begins with the design and study of our engineers. Then all the settings and dimensions of each component are set in our computer program and are thoroughly checked so that any human error is avoided. Then all the project data are held in memory and all the specifications and instructions are printed and delivered to the machine operator. Stickers with all the specifications are also printed and glued on the face of each component to help the installers during the mounting and installation procedure.

Ducthellas I&C SA is today a company with big turnover and 48 employees of which 6 work in the management department 2 on the research and development department 16 on the production line and Quality Assurace department and 2 on the sales department. The rest are all experienced technicians that undertake the installation procedure with high professionalism. A dynamic team of specialists that aims to offer the best product at the lowest possible price and in minimum time.